God of the Week: Morpheus

God of the Week 03/08/2010 : Morpheus

Morpheus was the ancient Greek god of dreams.

Morpheus, the son of Hypnus, was the god of Dreams. He is always represented winged, and appears sometimes as a youth, sometimes as an old man. In his hand he bears a cluster of poppies, and as he steps with noiseless footsteps over the earth, he gently scatters the seeds of this sleep-producing plant over the eyes of weary mortals.

Homer describes the House of Dreams as having two gates: one, whence issue all deceptive and flattering visions, being formed of ivory; the other, through which proceed those dreams which are fulfilled, of horn.
-E.M. Berens, The myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome

The character of Morpheus has been used in modern popular fiction: in the Matrix series, Morpheus awakens Neo to the dream like world of the Matrix, and, in a popular comic series by Neil Gaiman, Morpheus serves as a re-imagined incarnation of the Sandman (I highly recommend these comics).

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