Ye Old Child Abuse Scandal

there’s an excellent article at the Huff Pro called The Catholic Church: A Safe Haven For Criminals? It has a few good summations of the recent scandal, including this one:

… those who themselves are engaged in a criminal conspiracy are in no position to blame their accusers of a conspiracy.

No truer words have been said. I for one am hoping Pope-gate gets all the way up to Joseph Ratzinger, not because I particularly want to see the church hurt, but because I do not see any hope of action on his part. I see excuses and evasion at every turn at the expense of children. People below the Pope have made steps to do the right thing, suggesting those involved to not be hesitant to involve the authorities (it’s a shame they even have to do that), but Ratzinger himself seems to have a history burying scandals at the victim’s expense.

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