Don’t Crucify Me, Bro! part 1

Part One, Forget the Liberty, Give Us Death

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son” -John 3:16

Atheists are often criticized for focusing on trivial aspects of religion and not tackling the deeper, more advanced modern theology of Christianity. Christianity does have some deep thinkers in their numbers. But, as in any branch of philosophy, no matter how intricate any argument may be, it is philosophically unsound if it is based upon a false premise. And no matter how glorious or beautiful the concept of an “atoning death” of Jesus is made out to be, it is still nothing more than the glorification of a bloody human sacrifice. It is a relic of primitive pagan idolatry, and no amount of apologetics can change that.

The core tenet of Christianity is, of course, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Liberal theologians and modern historical scholars may attempt to paint the newly discovered “historical Jesus” as a wise wandering sage, a stoic philosopher, or an apocalyptic prophet. But, there have been thousands of such figures throughout the last two thousand years and none of them are worthy of building up a world religion around.

It is, after all, not the Stoic philosophy that Jesus is shown rattling off during the sermon on the mount that saves anyone; accepting that the meek will get the lion’s share of the world is not the ticket to heaven. Most Christians don’t even seem to be concerned with studying the sayings of Jesus; I have found Buddhists and secular humanists to be much more familiar with any of these sayings than the average Christian. No, the saving grace of Christianity is the death of Jesus. It is this death that the early apostles seemed so attracted to. In fact, there is no trace of any of the teachings of Jesus in the early Pauline Epistles. This has lead some historians to wonder if Paul was even aware of any of these teachings. No, it is the worship of a death, a crude metaphor, perhaps, that has survived into the 21st century simply because, at some point in Roman Empire, the emperor of the most powerful nation on earth adopted the religion. His successor made all other faiths illegal, and a purging of non-Christian temples soon wiped out all competitors.

Complex philosophies and theoretical puzzles can be based around any premise. Just ask any serious Star Trek fan. They can analyze the deeper symbolism of any plot line and describe the physics of non-existent star ships to no end. However, this ability to extrapolate on possible scenarios, does not make any belief system true. Christianity has used any number of theological beliefs based events that are unlikely to have even happened. This is why Christianity survives. Its has the ability to dazzle the listener with fancy rhetoric that often heads off in circles, but never answers any questions. Just ask any preacher to describe the doctrine of the Trinity and they will most likely head of into “modalism” (the ice, water, steam comparison that was declared a heresy as soon as the concept of the trinity was established) or escape by the back door by calling it a “mystery”.

But the Passion story, the drawn out depiction of the savage beating and gruesome death of Jesus of Nazareth, has a power no theological meandering has: it has emotional appeal. And, as anyone that’s seen The Passion of the Christ can attest to, the pain of the narrative is often played for all the tears it can muster in an attempt to win converts.

In the world of myth, the passion story may make sense. Myth can make emotional appeals to the senses without having to worry about any being literal. In any literal sense, the crucifixion death of an immortal god is beyond preposterous. Or are we to believe that the killing of Christ was all pomp and circumstance? A pageant play for our amusement in which the creator of the universe masqueraded as a man, and went through the motions of getting killed? It is not theology, it is mythology.

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One Comment on “Don’t Crucify Me, Bro! part 1”

  1. Robert Says:

    You are a major scumbag; you imply Jesus was a pedophile? You lying sack of shit. There not a damn bit of evidence to prove that.

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