Why Don’t Catholic’s Speak Up?

Why don’t more Catholics speak up about the atrocious cases of child rape and the Pope refusal to act? Because they know full and well that they would be ostracized for anything other than strict party adherence.

A conservative Catholic group has called on a Massachusetts priest to apologize for suggesting that Pope Benedict XVI should resign if he does not take stronger action to confront the church’s sexual abuse scandal.

Adding its voice to the uproar over the Rev. James J. Scahill’s remarks last weekend (April 3-4), the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts said the priest had effectively accused the pope of lying during four sermons at St. Michael’s Catholic Church.

Blind allegiance to the church is perhaps the biggest problem that the Catholic Church faces. Scahill’s remarks are totally reasonable, yet he’s being viewed as sinful and needing to apologize for  making them. Why? Well, in totalitarian systems, even as much as questioning the supreme authority of the leader is seen as treasonous. And in Catholicism, this treason is a sin, since the office of pope carries with it the ridiculous title of “Vicar of Christ”.

Well, in this case, the Pope is not being asked to act as an agent of a god-man, as a prophet, or even as a mystic. He merely being asked to act like a human being … perhaps we are asking too much from this depraved asshole.

Is it even possible for the Catholic Church to turn itself around? I don’t think so. This degree of depravity is nothing new to the organization: from the slaughter of pagan priests in the 5th century, the crusades, the torturing of “heretics” (which can only be defined as anyone that disagrees with them) during the Inquisition, endless anti-Semitic persecution, and the mass murder of the Cathar Gnostic Christians, the Catholic Church has been a den of depravity from it’s very inception. Why would anyone choose to stay with the Catholic Church, let alone defend it?

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3 Comments on “Why Don’t Catholic’s Speak Up?”

  1. when that priest in Mass. spoke out against the pope I said to my wife: “One of two things are going to happen; he’s either going to get defrocked, or he will recant.”

    I’m just sorry he didn’t have the courage to stand up for what he said. But I’m not surprised. Having earned his living cinvincing folks of the supernatural, it would be hard to find new employment at his age.

    • Yeah, it’s astounding but true. Any member of the church that dares to does the right thing will find themselves booted out the door pretty fast. I would like to say that I hope they stand their ground, but there’s so few of them speaking up that those that do will find themselves pretty expendable.

  2. Bette Says:

    This is the same organization that calls gay people “abominations,” refused to provide their ritual cannibalism to politicians who are not against abortion, believes it’s better for millions of Africans to die of AIDS than for them to use condoms, excommunicated a child who got an abortion after having been raped (but not her rapist, of course), wants to make that charlatan “Mother” Teresa a saint, etc. The silence of catholics enables such abuses to continue.

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