God of the Week: Kali

God of the Week 04/26/2010: Kali

Kali is a Hindu goddess that is often depicted with a necklace of skulls dancing on the body of her unconscious husband, Shiva.

In her Kali form she is of hideous aspect. Sculptors and painters have depicted her standing on the prostrate form of Shiva and grinning with outstretched tongue. Her body is smeared with blood because she has waged a ferocious and successful war against the giants. Like Shiva, she has a flaming third eye on her
forehead. Her body is naked save for a girdle of giants’ hands suspended from her waist; round her neck she wears a long necklace of giants’ skulls: like the Egyptian Isis, Kali can conceal herself in her long and abundant hair. She has four arms: in one she holds a weapon, and in another the dripping head of a giant; two empty hands are raised to bless her worshippers. Like the Egyptian Hathor or Sekhet, the “Eye of Ra”, she goes forth to slay the enemies of the gods, rejoicing in slaughter.
-Donald A. Mackenzie, Indian Myth and Legend

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One Comment on “God of the Week: Kali”

  1. kamlesh simoliya Says:

    this is a garte ma kali

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