Oil Spill an “Act of God”

Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) claimed on Monday that the oil rig explosion that caused a massive — and still-expanding spill — may have been “just an act of God” that could not have been prevented.

What the hell does that mean? I suspect it’s intent is “Look the other way, son” or “Let’s just sweep this under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen”, though I’m not sure how ignoring issues can ever improve a damn thing. We do need oil for our economy to function, but i don’t see how “It’s a mystery!” can in any way serve as motivation to improve methods and processes.

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4 Comments on “Oil Spill an “Act of God””

  1. Lets hope he meant an unforseeable accident. But then, he is from Texas… a state not known for producing high intellect.

  2. Omi Says:


    How can the scope of this ecological disaster be met with the silence of prayers- the silence of scientists and political organizations? No celebrity or world leader is willing to call for more action?

    It is time to look to our one world and one life force that unites and sustains us…

    We face challenges larger than corporate entity- larger than national pride or ego.. our home – this one earth is now facing destruction in a singular silence that is truly a crime against not just humanity- but all life forms.

    Where are the voices that could call out for the best minds and resources on the planet to come together and solve a problem that will devastate a huge piece of our planet and ecologies into the future in untold and ways with permanence that we can not yet understand.

    It would be an epic movie— saving the planet by working together, using the best and most immediate resources of the planet.. from all countries. Perhaps a script writer could stir a bit of action—but is it that the President is afraid that some other country would have the skills and tools to limit disaster in the American arena?

    Where are the religious leaders- that we are not asked to pray for creation and see our common fragility?

    God, by whatever the name

    Is saddened for sure

    And each soul shares the blame

    For a silence dishonoring the gift of the earth….

    Use your voice and your prayer
    How much power have the people of this planet given to a single company- which certainly can not pay the bill and restore the planet—? And how much power to a president who has such a national ego that his administration is selling out our planet’s future rather ask for international and immediate assistance and expertise?

  3. revatheist Says:

    Well, this proves it: the Rupublicans really DO think that the oil companies are God.

  4. […] In May, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas stated that the oil spill in the gulf may, just may, have been an act of God. […]

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