Day of Reason 2010

Join us for the Day of Reason at the MN State Capitol tomorrow (5/6/10) in the Rotunda over the lunch hour.

But, you say “Hey, we’ve won the case against the National Day of Prayer. We don’t need no Day of Reason”. Oh, but we do. The injunction against the Day of Prayer will not go into effect until the case has been appealed, and when it is it can only be only beneficial to our cause if we had a strong showing at the Day of Reason.

Plus, there may be a higher than average number of superstitionists showing up on the Capitol grounds since, apparently, their god will disappear if not publically prayed to by federal decree.

One other truly beneficial way to prove a point about the Day of Prayer, if anyone is willing to take it up, would be to get every Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Shinto, witch doctor, fire walker, snake handler you know and get them to show up on the lawn to perform their version of prayer right next to the Protestants that claim the day is for anybody. I’ll be willing to bet that they change their mind real fast.

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