God of the Week: Marduk

God of the Week 05/10/2010: Marduk
Marduk is an ancient Mesopotamian sun god. He was head of the Babylonian pantheon during the 2nd millennium.

Marduk of Babylon, whom Hammurabi, the consolidator of the Babylonian power, raised to the rank of the high god, may once have been a sun-god, but he transcended his elemental nature, and appears in the records of the third millennium as a political deity, the war-god, and leader of the people, as real a personality as Hammurabi himself.
-Lewis R. Farnell, Greece and Babylon: A Comparative Sketch of Mesopotamian, Anatolian, and Hellenic Religions

[an] alabaster relief from Khorsabad showing a sacrifice to Marduk, a speaking witness to the stern solemnity of the Babylonian worship and to the strength of the faith in personal divinity. That this faith was as real in the polytheistic Babylonian as in the monotheistic Israelite is evinced not merely by the monuments, but still more clearly and impressively by
the Sumerian hymns and liturgies.

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One Comment on “God of the Week: Marduk”

  1. Marduk, and I see he is accompanied in that picture by his faithful dog Marmaduke.
    sorry…couldn’t help it.

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