Priest Torments Disabled Girl

Chalk up another one for the superstitions of the Catholic priest hood. A priest in Australia (though the local newspaper is stressing that he “wasn’t trained there) tormented a disabled girl during a “faith healing” at a church service last week end.

“A horrified congregation watched a foreign-trained Catholic priest lay a mentally and physically disabled girl on an altar during mass at the weekend and order[ed] her to walk.

The priest was later escorted to a mental health clinic by police. The congregation is being counselled over the event, which left children and adults in tears.

Vicar-General of Perth’s Catholic Archdiocese Brian O’Loughlin said while the “bizarre and unusual service” was largely due to the priest’s mental condition, it highlighted that foreign-trained priests had a more spiritual approach.”

The article mentions the priest’s “mental condition”, I hope notĀ  is implying that the priest simply lost it during the service. You cannot tell me that he has never done this before, just suddenly attempting a faith healing it full force in front of a congregation. Remember, the Catholic Church has a chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth. An institution that employs a chief exorcist fully backs and endorses exorcism. They just caught the attention of the press this time.

Faith healing is a scam trick. Anyone making the same promises without a white tab on their collar would be arrested for fraud. One thing that could have prevented this event is a high school education. Hell, even a grade school education should have been enough to tell us that magic spells and hoodoo voodoo don’t work (though people have seriously sent me angry e-mails over my tag line, “By Reading This Blog, You Are Denying The Holy Spirit”, a sort tongue in cheek Biblical voodoo curse. I usually ask them if they seriously believe that. They seldom answer.

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2 Comments on “Priest Torments Disabled Girl”

  1. “Foreign born” priest. WTF?? Specifically what country was this priest from, and why does it matter? They all are suppose to follow Catholic doctrine… and he did, as he interpreted it.
    Mental evaluation? You mean, he MIGHT be deluded? They are ALL deluded… they are religionists.

    If only one congregant comes to their senses and realizes how crazy the whole religion thing is perhaps some good will have come out of this. I only wish this overt nuttiness went on in every church all over the world everyday.

    • I hope some of the congregation come to their senses. The fact that it got in the papers means someone said something. I’m just surprised at how much people let go just because the offending is a “man of the cloth”. Would they have just stood there if a disabled person was being teased in a Wal-Mart? The fact that it happened in a church puts them into sheep mode.

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