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God of the Week: Morpheus

March 8, 2010

God of the Week 03/08/2010 : Morpheus

Morpheus was the ancient Greek god of dreams.

Morpheus, the son of Hypnus, was the god of Dreams. He is always represented winged, and appears sometimes as a youth, sometimes as an old man. In his hand he bears a cluster of poppies, and as he steps with noiseless footsteps over the earth, he gently scatters the seeds of this sleep-producing plant over the eyes of weary mortals.

Homer describes the House of Dreams as having two gates: one, whence issue all deceptive and flattering visions, being formed of ivory; the other, through which proceed those dreams which are fulfilled, of horn.
-E.M. Berens, The myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome

The character of Morpheus has been used in modern popular fiction: in the Matrix series, Morpheus awakens Neo to the dream like world of the Matrix, and, in a popular comic series by Neil Gaiman, Morpheus serves as a re-imagined incarnation of the Sandman (I highly recommend these comics).


God of the Week: Cronus

February 15, 2010

God of the Week 02/15/2010: Cronus (Saturn)

Cronus was the ancient Greek god of time. He is often represented with a scythe and an hour glass … which is probably symbolic of something ominous (you know those Greeks – full of drama). The Romans associated Cronus with their god, Saturn, because of their similarities.

Cronus was the god of time in its sense of eternal duration … Cronus, having an uneasy conscience, was afraid that his children might one day rise up against his authority, and thus verify the prediction of his father Uranus. In order, therefore, to render the prophecy impossible of [fulfillment], Cronus swallowed each child as soon as it was born … Zeus … dethroned his father Cronus, became supreme god in his stead, and was universally venerated as the great national god of the Greeks.

-E. M. Berens, The Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome