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Morals: The Bible vs Stephen King

June 12, 2009

The Bible is an interesting book, and provides an interesting look into the minds of the Hebrews. Unfortunately, it is often misunderstood and interpreted as a book by which to base one’s morals. This would be a horrible mistake. As an example I will make a comparison between a story from the Bible, and a modern day story, more relevant to our culture: Stephen King’s Carrie*. Since Carrie is a story that involves supernatural elements it is on par with the Bible and should provide a good comparison. Carrie is about an adolescent that is mistreated by her parent, so I will pick a similar story from the Bible: the Sacrifice of Isaac from Genesis.

Should I kill you, or pretend to kill you ... tough choice.

Should I kill you, or pretend to kill you ... tough choice.

In Genesis, Abraham is told by a deity named Yahweh, who had previously had dinner with Abraham and his wife Sarah, that he must sacrifice his only son, Isaac. Abraham is understandably upset. But, not being one to complain, he decides to murder his child rather than stand up for himself. So, he brings Isaac up a mountain, lying to his son about his intent, and readies a knife to plunge into his boys tender young heart. At the last minute, an angel stops him. The incident is never spoken of again.

In Carrie, a young girl with telekinetic powers is teased in school and tormented beyond compassion by her overly protective Jehovah’s Witness mother.

The kids in Carrie’s high school were being cruel out of immature cattiness; carrieCarrie’s mother was being cruel out of an attempt to instill morals and a hatred of dirty pillows into her daughter. But, in the end, they both tormented her, and were both destroyed by Carrie’s rage driven telekinetic backlash.
Moral of the story, abuse is abuse, not matter what the intent, the effect is the same. Watch how you behave, having good intentions does not justify amoral behavior.

The Moral Winner: Stephen King’s Carrie

Reason: The subject of the abuse is taken into consideration in Carrie, and not in the Sacrifice of Isaac.

*This, of course, refers to book and possibly the original 1976 Sissy Spacek version of Carrie