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Your Medical Care Must Follow MY Religion

December 20, 2008

The Bush administration, with just a month left in office, has shot freedom in the nuts once again. On December 18th they passed the Provider Conscience Regulation which allows medical personnel to “refuse to participate in any practice they find morally objectionable”. So, medical personnel no longer have to be able or willing to do their jobs anymore. Anyone along the line can decide that your birth control, or your end of life plans, or your blood transfusion offends them and they can put an end to your plans. Yep, their religion is now your religion, believe in it or not. And remember, unlike groups like Jehovah’s Witness’ that are pleased to stay out of the aspects of life they don’t agree with, fundagelicals have no problem going out of their way to impose their beliefs on others. Hopefully this will be overturned once the gaurds are changed.