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Hang Nails: A Result of The Fall?

March 28, 2009
Ouch, my ear!

Ouch, my ear!

According to creationist bullshit, everything that is bad in the world is the result of The Fall. Homosexuality – The Fall; crime – The Fall; bad test scores – The Fall!

We were made in God’s image: perfect. So, without the Fall, we would be immortal, we would be without sin, and we would all have 6 pack abs (though we wouldn’t know what to call them because we wouldn’t have those sinful 6 packs!).

God is a perfect being. So man kind would not have been created with the imperfection of hang nails, they must be the result of original sin. As is everything else that doesn’t neatly apply itself to human beings being immortal and the Earth and animals being under our dominion. Like parasites, tumors, farts, headaches, sneezing, bad teeth (the British must be very sinful), runny noses, boogers, bad breath, joint pain, toe jam, thinking sitcoms are funny.

The salt in ocean water would also be the result of original sin. If the earth was made for man, the oceans, 3/4 of the earth, must have been made for us, as well. But, there is very little we can use the oceans for since they are salinated. The simple act of drinking from the ocean would be fatal. Since they were made for us, they must have originally been fresh water and the salt currently in must have been the result of The Fall.

I think I’ve getting the hang of this “religious thought” thing I’ve heard about.