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Priest Fired For Being a Good Guy

February 20, 2009

Notice the dirty knees on Jesus. I guess he was in jail for awhile.

Father Peter Kennedy of St Mary’s in South Brisbane, Australia had the audacity to allow women to preach, to bless gay couples, and deny the Virgin birth of Jesus.

“In his decree, the archbishop said Father Kennedy had “caused harm to ecclesiastical communion in spite of frequent requests from me to do otherwise”. And in a statement he said: “This decision brings me no satisfaction as division within the Church is contrary to all that Christ taught.”

I can’t see anything he’s doing as going against any of the words attributed to Jesus. That Paul guy seemed to be a bit of a homophobe, though. And I’m not sure how anyone can “harm” communion. Perhaps he served Ritz crackers instead of the wafers.

“The church establishment has tired of Father Kennedy’s questioning of the “single truths” of Catholicism. He airs conundrums of the faith that many followers wrestle with in private, describes the Virgin birth as “nonsense” and believes there should be a Vatican III to address doctrine for the 21st century.”

Well, good for him. I, of course, think they should leave the whole thing all together, but this is a good step. I do not respect people that condone bigotry in their church simply because a man in a dress told you to. It took the Haulocaust for the Vatican to take a stand against Jewish bigotry, though, so I’m not so sure they’ll come around on gender and GLBT equality.


Catholic Bishop Tells Advocate to Get Out of his Church

December 30, 2008

Bishop Richard Malone, of the of Maine Roman Catholics, is attempting to punish Paul Kendrick for criticizing the church’s response to the sexual abuse scandals by denying him communion and banning him from church. Of course,  the church’s response to the scandals have been horrendous (I think criminal) and are to be criticized openly and often.

Another abuse victim advocate and priest, Tom Doyle, has said that the aggressive actions of some activists have been a sore spot for the church, but has shared that he too has seen oppression because of his advocacy. His career as a church cannon layer is effectively over.

I, for one, would assume that the advocate’s aggressive tactics have something to do with the church’s response (or lack of a response) to some very heinous crimes. They anger the hell out of me. I guess I can’t actually think of anything that the church has done of their own accord that shows any remorse or compassion for the victims. If it hadn’t been for legal victories, I really don’t think the church would have done anything at all. Why there are any Catholics left beats the hell out of me.

In the article, Doyle says, “One of the biggest sins in the Catholic Church is to criticize a bishop.” Boy, they can make anything a sin, can’t they. And it’s a really convenient sin. A little dose of sit down and shut up.