Moving Blogging Activity

And it doesn’t even have anything to do with soft drinks. I have just never really liked the Universal Heretic moniker I came up with one lazy afternoon (I was actually thinking of Frank Herbert’s Heretic’s of Dune, a flawed by vital part of the Dune cannon).

I will be continuing to throw my weird and arcane thoughts out to the world at:

I’ve always been found of real nutty concepts, like the Hollow Earth and others. The title seems a bit less serious and fits me a bit more. I’ll probably continue the Modern Christian Mythology series over there, but the God of the Week posts I might let die (and rise again?). I do have a few more cued up, so I’ll let those auto-post, but after that we will be sadly without a weekly divinity.

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4 Comments on “Moving Blogging Activity”

  1. Kassul Says:

    Awww 😦 No more weekly divinities eh? I’ll have to get my fix of them elsewhere then I suppose. Poking around wikipedia or some of my huge mythology books that I’m always going-to-get-around-to-someday.

    Will certainly follow you to the new site, bookmarks are updated.


  2. ok..will book mark the new site. Is THIS the last post on this site?

  3. susej Says:

    Whoowee! What mildly incensed hatred…we must have all blasphemed the Holy Ghost:the host 4 being so heretical as stated; Betsy 4 daring 2 encroach in spite of the disclaimer…what disclaimer? I didn’t see any warning THAT my entry constituted blasphemy in spite of my failure2 see it. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, THAT’s why when He comes He shall apply THAT principle 2 the scoffers. It’s all cool&in good fun. It’s a fun cite like The fun center MKB visited in “A Devine Revelation of Hell.”
    I hope u all read my book if IAM ever able2 go into print;don’t know why He would find it necessary 2 want2 considering He is God & therefore doesn’t have2. Aw, well alas this Berry! Have a nice life & afterlife2 if u believe in One. I do. Don’t be so upset, after all it’s still America so far 4A little while yet. Bye!

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