God of the Week: Purusha

08/09/2010: Purusha

As told in the Hindu Vedas, the world is a result of the self sacrifice of the deity, Purusha.
Purusha was dismembered, and his various parts formed the world.

“Another aspect of the Supreme Is presented by the Purusa
Sukta, or “Hymn of Man” (x. 90), which describes the origin
of the universe from the sacrifice of a primeval Purusa, who is
declared distinctly to be the whole universe. By the sacrifice
the sky was fashioned from his head, from his navel the at-
mosphere, and from his feet the earth. The sun sprang from
his eye, the moon from his mind, wind from his breath, Agni
and Soma from his mouth; and the four classes of men were
produced from his head, arms, thighs, and feet respectively.”
-Mythology of All Races, Vol 6
by A. Berriedale Keith
Louis Herbert Gray, Editor

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4 Comments on “God of the Week: Purusha”

  1. Mark Mighell Says:

    Found The Lost Planet “” Nibiru “”

    yes Nibiru is a position in the celestiol path of Siȝel system. The Earth and Moon Dance around the sun producing different Aberrations of the Total Solar eclipse.
    The Myans were very advanced in charting the stars.


  2. Pee Says:

    The knowledge of God is by faith…its not purely academic as most of our brother atheists have made it. I’m not against being systematic in approaching the Bible neither will I deny the fact that you guys have incredible insights of the Bible,yet I will say from a personal point of view that you are missing out on a lot about God through the faith of Jesus Christ. For some of us even if you take away religion from us,u can’t take away this conviction and fellowship for which same minded christians have gladly laid down their lives…the amazing peace,joy,love and comfort we feel d midst of adversity and even in a country as dark as Nigeria can only point to an inner “experience” known to saved ones alone.1corinthians 15:51 paul said “behold I shew you a mystery; we shall not all sleep…” the Greek word rendered mystery is the word muster ion which in the proper interpretation could mean “that which is shared in common” In other words you need to “belong” to have the same experiences as we. As much as I love and encourage studying and proper Bible exegeting I still believe that you can’t find God on the surface. He is found by a revealed knowledge which all believers have in common by the Holy Spirit. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is to convict and He is faithfully carrying that out…Where we miss it as intellectuals is that we always want to find a meeting point between these convictions and sound reasoning. Hence some goodwilled folks not understanding that God is Spirit want to u
    nravel his puzzle with physical knowledge instead of spiritual knowledge which is given to folks who desire the true knowledge of God,not for the purpose of countering other folks or showing off their great prowess in the written word but for godly fear of how much ridicule and spite we might have done to God who has been so generous to humanity if our believes were wrong…My advise to all cozy chaps reading this is :”IF YOU KNOW THE TRUTH,DONT LET IT DRIBBLE YOU!” Love u all… U can send this to someone else.

  3. keeyahta of zion illinois. Says:

    GREETINGS FROM THE SPIRIT WITH US ALL’no one knows God until he allow the GOD to reveal himself to that person personlly throught a true manifestation of himself the true GOD has come to earth many times to guide mankind not to mention GODS spirit is inside us all but we are to business hateing on each other and trying to make others see things our way.Comment from keeyahta of zion illinois.

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