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I’ve Got The Joy Joy Joy Joy Down In My Heart

January 31, 2009

Maybe all hymns should be sung by kittens.

P.S., the little drummer cat is my favorite!

Man Flings Poo at Jury

January 29, 2009

angrymonkeyWeusi McGowan failed in impress his judge when he flung poo at the jury serving at his trial. His bail was subsquintly raised from $250,000 to one million dollars.

And the fundigelicals still claim we’re not related to monkeys!


January 28, 2009

“The fundamentalists, by ‘knowing’ the answers before they start, and then forcing nature into the straitjacket of their discredited preconceptions, lie outside the domain of science – or any honest intellectual inquiry.”

Stephen Jay Gould

A New Sex Term is Born

January 28, 2009

72817539AW014_Meet_The_PresThanks to Pastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church and his old fashioned views on sexuality, a new sexual term has been coined. “Saddlebacking”. It is a reference to: the phenomenon of Christian teens engaging in unprotected anal sex in order to preserve their virginity.

Dan Savage, of the Savage Love advice column, invited his readers to write in suggestions for a definition. The winning definition is housed at

That Olde Tyme Religion

January 27, 2009



January 26, 2009

lucyWell, it looks like the recession is hitting harder than I could have ever possibly imagined. The Chicago Feild Musuem has just 86’d their plans to show the “Lucy” exhibit this fall because of funding. The exhibit is currently in  Seattle, and not doing too well, either.
3.2 million years buried in the sand and Lucy decides to come to America just as the recession hits. Damn you, W! Talk about poor timing. I was so looking forward to having a little vacation in the windy city to see her.

Jesus on the Lamb

January 26, 2009


Christ and the Grim Reaper

January 25, 2009


Ted Haggard’s Sexuality is “complex”

January 25, 2009
Please let him make the right choice!

Please let him make the right choice!

After being exposed in another gay sex “scandal”, Ted Haggard says his sexuality is “complex” and  that is doesn’t fit in to a neat little box. I think this is the most intelligent thing I’ve ever heard Ted Haggard say, and I’m glad he finally realized it.

Now, the next step is to help other people to realize that everyone’s sexuality is complex. After all, he is in a perfect situation to do it. He is a popular preacher, his audience is composed almost entirely of people with little tolerance of different sexualities, and he will soon be doing a massive press tour in support of a new documentary. He could help thousands of people if he just comes out and peaches acceptance. I hate to be a pessimist, but I suspect he will backtrack and continue touting the same old anti-gay bullshit. But, I’m hoping to be surprised.

God’s Wife

January 25, 2009