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God of the Week: Yaw

July 5, 2010

07/05/2010: Yaw

Yaw is not just the angle about the vertical axis on airplanes. It is also an ancient Leventine god, and a possible precursor to the Hebrew god Yahweh. Yaw (aslo pronounce Yah, or Yam) was an elohim, one of the 70 sons of the high god El. He was a sea god, and a god of the primordial chaos.

The meaning of the epithet “Yamm” is sea. He is regarded in the Baal myth as one of Baal’s major adversaries. He is referred to several times in the OT (explicitly or implicitly) where it is claimed that the Lord has dominion over him. He is accompanied in the texts by two sea monsters, namely, Litar (Leviathan) and Tunnan (Tannin in the Bible) and he himself rules the sea.

God of the Week: Yahweh

September 7, 2009

God of the Week 9/7/2009: Yahweh

YahwehYahweh (YHWH) is a god worshiped from roughly 1,000 BCE in western Asia to the present all over the world, though his nature has varied greatly in that time. In sone religious texts he is viewed as an anthropomorphic character, while in others his form is of such a foreign nature that no man may look upon his true form and live. His great prophet Moses is said to have viewed Yahweh as a bush that burned yet was not consumed.

In the first or second century CE, Yahweh began to be merged with a messianic savior figure, Jesus the Christ. Today, in the Christian religion, Yahweh, Jesus, and a non-descript ghost of some sort are viewed as forming a trinity, while that view of Yahweh is considered a heresy in Judaism .

Jephthah (Judges 11)

May 30, 2009

One of the “quirkier” stories in the Bible.

God’s Wife

January 25, 2009