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Dead Beat Douche Bags with Tea Bags

April 15, 2009

I told you, no tea bagging in here!

April 15th, dubbed Tax Day by people too lazy to do anything until the very last minute, saw bunches of no good dirty dead beats in various cities across the US, protesting the taxes that keep our nation running and having the gall to dress up like revolutionary war heroes and pretend it’s the Boston Tea Party. Douche bags with tea bags.

Apparently they had a grand plan of throwing tea bags onto a tarp, but couldn’t get organized enough to get it included in the protest permit (I’m sure they waited until the last minute).

The Boston Tea Party was not protesting taxation. It was protesting taxation without representation (something I’m facing right now because of another douche named Norm Coleman who apparently believes himself smarter than all the election judges in the state).

Yes, Bush’s insane out of control spending over the last 8 years pisses me off as well, but it seems all this anger is directed at a President and Congress that has been in office for 100 days. Something tells me these people are more angry at not having their candidates in office than they are about a national financial situation that is far from new.

These people are just over emotional wrecks. Where they protesting when the last administration was wringing up all this debt? Why did the wait until Congress started working on the issue to start acting out?

Fact of the matter is, it’s our past spending that is screwing us today and this stimulus package may not be pretty but it is the unfortunate reality of what we need to do to get us through this recession. In the future, and it doesn’t matter who’s in charge, all the top advisers say that taxes will eventually go up, mostly because of the baby boomers reaching retirement age. A drastic change in the tax system may be needed to optimize it, but the bulk of taxes today are from corporations they will be tomorrow, too. But, as long as people are refusing to admit that taxes are a reality of living in any country more sophisticated that a dirt farm, no realistic solution will ever be found. The Republican “lower taxes” mantra is may look good for buying neat toys in the short term but in the long term is not continuable and may have already have hit a dead end.


Gay Elephant Peeves Polish Politician

April 15, 2009


A right wing Polish politician, Michal Grzes, is criticizing his local zoo for buying a gay elephant. The elephant, named Ninio, seems to genuinely prefer the company of other males, is a snappy dresser, and is otherwise fabulous!

It could be a phase, though. Ninio the elephant is young, only 10, and elephants don’t reach sexual maturity until 14, so there’s still time. If an older elephant takes him into the shower and shows him that he has a penis too, only bigger, it might turn him around. Or turn him on. There’s probably some ex-gay ministries willing to take on the challenge, as well. I hear about the things that go on in those back rooms, and an elephant would most likely be a welcome addition.